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Welcome to our buylist.  You can search for a card by using the search function while you're in "buylist" mode, or you can click this link to browse.  This buylist is updated daily so check back often!



 Instructions for Selling Cards To Us

Once your buylist order has been approved you'll need to send us the order so that we can verify quantities and condition.  Here are some tips for sending.


Packaging: Make sure that your cards are well packaged this will prevent them from being damaged in transit. 


Delivery Confirmation: This is not required but we recommend that you use a shipping service with a tracking number when you send your package. This allows you to track your package, so you can see when it gets to us.


Insurance: This is not required but we recommend that you insure your package. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your items get to us; purchasing insurance can protect you from lost, stolen or damaged mail.  LegitMTG is not responsible for items lost or damaged in the mail.


Please include a printout of your confirmation email with your package.


Send the cards exactly as they are listed on the list. If you do not we may bill you at the rate of $15 per hour or 10% of the final value, whichever is greater. This is not something we want to do so please send the cards in as they appear on the list.


Ship your order to:


Attn: Buyer (ID#)

527 Emory Dr Ste 110

Owensboro, KY 42301




Please read the following rules and policies below:

By selling to LegitMTG you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of our buylist and payment policies.

There is a $15 minimum to sell to us.

Please do not sell us more than the quantity desired. Do not invoice a card for the maximum amount multiple times on multiple invoices, doing so may result in the return of the excess cards at your expense.

Any items not received in Near-Mint condition will be purchased at a percentage of Near-Mint value.

Any card purchased for $.05 per card or less and not in Near-Mint condition will be purchased at the bulk rate.

For Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh, and Pokemon we are currently only buying English cards. Unless otherwise indicated.


Condition pricing is not guaranteed. Some items are purchased at different rates.


We offer a 20% bonus in trade on all orders, excluding bulk.

All orders not received within 10 business days of approval will be void and will require re-approval.

The seller pays all costs associated with the shipping of their items.




Bulk Buy Prices



Commons/Uncommons - $4.00 per 1,000 cards

Uncommons - $12 per 1,000 cards

Basic Lands - $4 per 1000 cards

Rares — $.08 each

Mythic Rares — $.25 each

Foil Commons/Uncommons—$.05 each

Foil Basic Lands—$.05 each

Zendikar/Battle For Zendikar/Amonkhet/Hour of Devastation Full Art Lands - $0.10

Non-Basic Lands - $20 per 1,000 cards




Commons - $20 per 1,000 cards

Rares - $20 per 1,000 cards

Mixed Holos - $40 per 1,000 cards




Commons/Uncommons - $0.02 ($20 per 1,000 cards)

Energy - $0.01 ($10 per 1,000 cards)

Rares - $0.08

Holo Commons/Uncommons - $0.10

Holo Rares - $0.10





Questions: If you have any questions feel free to contact Keep in mind that you can check the status of your buy order under “orders” on your user control panel. 

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