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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. Monsters with ATK 1400 or less that are already on the field when 'King Tiger Wanghu' is Summoned are not destroyed. 'King Tiger Wanghu''s effect only applies to monsters Summoned while it is face-up on the field. When a monster is Flip Summoned or flipped face-up by a card effect, it is not destroyed by the effect of 'King Tiger Wanghu'. 'King Tiger Wanghu''s effect applies to both sides of the field. When 'King Tiger Wanghu' is Special Summoned by the effect of 'Cyber Jar', other monsters with ATK 1400 or less that are Special Summoned by the same 'Cyber Jar' are destroyed if they are Special Summoned in face-up Attack Position. If a monster's ATK when it is Summoned is less than 1400 due to the effect of other cards, such as a Field Spell Card that reduces its ATK, it is destroyed by 'King Tiger Wanghu''s effect (so apply all existing modifiers before determining if the monster is destroyed). If 'Command Knight' is Summoned, it increases its own ATK to 1600 before 'King Tiger Wanghu' can destroy it. If 'King Tiger Wanghu' is Normal Summoned or Special Summoned, and its own ATK is reduced below 1400 by a pre-existing effect, then it destroys itself when Summoned. (Example: 'King Tiger Wanghu' and 'Bladefly' are Special Summoned simultaneously by 'Cyber Jar'. 'King Tiger Wanghu''s ATK is 1300, and it is destroyed by its own effect (and 'Bladefly' is also destroyed by 'King Tiger Wanghu''s effect). Monsters that are Summoned face-down (like with 'The Shallow Grave') are not destroyed by King Tiger Wanghu. 'King Tiger Wanghu''s effect includes Monster Tokens with ATK 1400 or less. If 'King Tiger Wanghu' is on the field and 'Marauding Captain' is Summoned, 'Marauding Captain' can still activate its effect and Special Summon a monster even though 'Marauding Captain' is destroyed. If 'King Tiger Wanghu' is on the field along with Trigger Effect monsters such as 'Mysterious Puppeteer', 'Ryu-Kishin Clown', 'Sonic Bird', and 'Dragon Seeker', then they form a chain. If 'King Tiger Wanghu' is on the field, and 'Exiled Force' is Summoned, 'King Tiger Wanghu''s effect immediately activates. Since 'Exiled Force' cannot be chained, 'King Tiger Wanghu' will destroy 'Exiled Force' before the turn player can Tribute 'Exiled Force' using its effect. [Re: Command Knight] If 'King Tiger Wanghu' is on the field face-up, and 'Command Knight' is Summoned, the effect of 'Command Knight' is applied immediately because it is a Continuous Effect, so first change 'Command Knight''s ATK to 1600. After that, 'King Tiger Wanghu''s effect cannot activate because 'Command Knight''s ATK is not 1400 or lower. [Re: D.D. Scout Plane] 'D.D. Scout Plane''s effect can only activate once during the same End Phase, so if a combo of 'Banisher of the Light' and 'King Tiger Wanghu' is set up, 'D.D. Scout Plane' will only be Special Summoned once. [Re: Destiny Hero - Departed] 'Destiny Hero - Departed's' effect is not activated while 'King Tiger Wanghu' is face-up on the field because an infinite loop would result. If 'Destiny Hero - Departed's' ATK would become greater than 1400 when Special Summoned, because of another card's effect, it is Special Summoned. [Re: Ebon Magician Curran] If 'Ebon Magician Curran' is Special Summoned during the Standby Phase while 'King Tiger Wanghu' is on the field, both Trigger Effects activate immediately and form a chain. [Re: Grinder Golem] If you Special Summon 'Grinder Golem' while 'King Tiger Wanghu' is face-up on the field, its effect activates to destroy the 'Grinder Tokens' after 'Grinder Golem' is Special Summoned. [Re: Treeborn Frog] If 'King Tiger Wanghu' is on the field when 'Treeborn Frog' is Special Summoned, 'Treeborn Frog' will be destroyed, but can be Special Summoned again with its effect during the same Standby Phase. Doing so without purpose is considered stalling and is a violation of Tournament Policy.
Passcode: 83986578
Set: Champion Pack: Game 1
ATK/DEF: 1700/1000
Card Number: CP01-EN014
Monster Type: Beast
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Earth
Card Text: Destroy all monsters with an ATK of 1400 or less that are Normal Summoned or Special Summoned.
Level: 4
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: King Tiger Wanghu
Edition: Unlimited
Pendulum Scale:



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