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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. This card can remove from play multiple monsters at once, if they are Summoned simultaneously. Since this card can affect multiple monsters, it does not target. If the opponent has 'Lord of D.' on the field and activates 'The Flute of Summoning Dragon' to Special Summon 2 copies of 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon', you can activate this card and both will be removed from play. 'Lord of D.' does not protect the Dragons because 'Bottomless Trap Hole' does not target. The same situation would occur if only 1 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon' was Special Summoned, 'Bottomless Trap Hole' still does not target. This card can only be activated when the last thing that resolved in the Duel was the opponent Normal/Flip/Special Summoning a monster(s). It cannot be activated at any other time. If 'Cyber Jar' is flipped during a Main Phase, and the opponent Special Summons 'Dark Blade', 'Luster Dragon', 'Magical Scientist' and a face-down monster, you can activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole' and both 'Luster Dragon' and 'Dark Blade' will be removed from play. The 'Magical Scientist', face-down monster, and all monsters you Summoned will remain on the field. If 'Cyber Jar' is flipped as a result of being attacked, you cannot activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole' because it cannot be activated during the Damage Step. If the opponent Summons a monster, then you activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole', and the opponent chains 'Book of Moon' to flip the Summoned monster face-down, it is not removed from play by the effect of 'Bottomless Trap Hole'. Use the current ATK at time of Summoning to determine if you can activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole'. So if the opponent Tribute Summons 'Enraged Muka Muka' with 1 card in their hand, you can activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole' (since its ATK is 1600). You cannot activate this card after 'Jinzo' is Summoned. You can activate this card after a monster was Special Summoned by the effect of another card, such as 'Monster Reborn'. If the opponent activates 'Monster Reborn' and then chains 'Call of the Haunted' (so that 2 monsters are Summoned in the same chain), and then you activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole' after that chain resolves only the monster Summoned by chain link 1 ('Monster Reborn') is removed from play. Only the monster(s) that triggered 'Bottomless Trap Hole' by being Normal / Flip / Special Summoned can be destroyed & removed from play by 'Bottomless Trap Hole's' effect. Example: Player A Normal Summons 'Dark Blade', and Player B activates 'Bottomless Trap Hole' in response (Chain Link 1), then Player A chains the effect of his face-up 'Ultimate Offering' to Tribute 'Dark Blade' for 'Summoned Skull' (Chain Link 2). 'Ultimate Offering's' effect resolves first, and 'Dark Blade' is Tributed for 'Summoned Skull'. Then the effect of 'Bottomless Trap Hole' disappears because the monster it would have applied to is no longer on the field. [Re: Amazoness Tiger] You can use 'Bottomless Trap Hole' against 'Amazoness Tiger' because its ATK is at least 1500 when Summoned. [Re: Arsenal Bug] When 'Arsenal Bug' is Summoned and there are no other Insect-Type monsters on your side of the field, your opponent cannot activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole' because the ATK of 'Arsenal Bug' is 1000 when it is Summoned. [Re: Book of Moon] If you chain 'Book of Moon' to 'Bottomless Trap Hole', the now face-down monster will not be destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole', but any other appropriate monsters Summoned at the same time will still be destroyed. [Re: Command Knight] If 'Command Knight' is Normal Summoned, Flip summoned, or Special Summoned, its ATK is at least 1600 so your opponent can activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole'. [Re: Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth] If a 'Crystal Beast' is destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole' it will be removed from play and you cannot activate its effect. [Re: Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat] If a 'Crystal Beast' is destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole' it will be removed from play and you cannot activate its effect. [Re: Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle] If a 'Crystal Beast' is destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole' it will be removed from play and you cannot activate its effect. [Re: Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise] If a 'Crystal Beast' is destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole' it will be removed from play and you cannot activate its effect. [Re: Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle] If a 'Crystal Beast' is destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole' it will be removed from play and you cannot activate its effect. [Re: Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus] If a 'Crystal Beast' is destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole' it will be removed from play and you cannot activate its effect. [Re: Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger] If a 'Crystal Beast' is destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole' it will be removed from play and you cannot activate its effect. [Re: D.D. Survivor] If 'D.D. Survivor's' effect is activated in the End Phase, and it is removed from play again (by 'Bottomless Trap Hole', or 'Torrential Tribute' while 'Dimensional Fissure' is in play, etc.), its effect will activate during the next turn's End Phase. [Re: Dimension Fusion] You can activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole' after monsters are Summoned with 'Dimension Fusion' 'Bottomless Trap Hole' destroys the Summoned monsters on your opponent's side of the field, and your Summoned monsters are not destroyed. [Re: Dramatic Rescue] You can activate 'Dramatic Rescue' when an Amazoness on your side of the field is targeted, such as with any Equip Spell Card, 'Tribute to the Doomed', 'Trap Hole', 'Man-Eater Bug', 'Relinquished', 'Dark Cat with White Tail', 'Amazoness Spellcaster', 'Penguin Soldier' (even if it targets 2 monsters), 'Change of Heart', 'Ring of Destruction', 'XYZ Dragon Cannon', etc. But not when cards like 'Raigeki', 'Dark Hole', 'Mirror Force', 'Fissure', 'Creature Swap', 'Guardian Sphinx', 'Bottomless Trap Hole', 'Adhesive Trap Hole', etc. are used. [Re: Elemental Hero Darkbright] If this card is destroyed and removed from play (by 'Bottomless Trap Hole', etc.)its effect to destroy 1 monster your opponent controls activates. [Re: Fiend Skull Dragon] Cards such as 'Torrential Tribute', 'Bottomless Trap Hole', 'Mirror Force', and 'Last Turn' will all apply their effects to 'Fiend Skull Dragon' because these cards do not target. [Re: Fushioh Richie] 'Fushioh Richie' cannot negate cards like 'Bottomless Trap Hole', or 'Kisetai', because they do not target. [Re: Gladiator Beast Alexander] You can activate 'Torrential Tribute', 'Bottomless Trap Hole', etc. when a 'Gladiator Beast' monster is Special Summoned at the end of the Battle Phase. [Re: Gladiator Beast Darius] If 'Bottomless Trap Hole' is chained when 'Gladiator Beast Darius' is Special Summoned and activates its effect, the selected 'Gladiator Beast' monster is still Special Summoned and its effects are negated. [Re: Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World] If 'Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World' is discarded by your opponent's card effect, when his effect resolves, he is Special Summoned first, and then the second part of his effect resolves. So the opponent cannot activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole' or 'Torrential Tribute' the timing is no longer correct. Also, you could not draw a card for the effect of 'Card of Safe Return'. [Re: Lava Golem] If you Special Summon 'Lava Golem' onto your opponent's side of the field they can activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole' since you performed the Summon. You could not activate 'Bottomless Trap Hole' even though the 'Lava Golem' will be on their side of the field. [Re: Light and Darkness Dragon] Example:Player A activates 'Reverse Trap' in his Main Phase 1. Afterwards, he Tribute Summons 'Light and Darkness Dragon'. Player B activates 'Bottomless Trap Hole'. 'Light and Darkness Dragon's' effect activates, negating 'Bottomless Trap Hole' and gaining 500 ATK and DEF. [Re: Magical Dimension] If your opponent activates 'Magical Dimension' and chooses not to destroy a monster on the field, then you can activate 'Torrential Tribute' or 'Bottomless Trap Hole' to destroy the Special Summoned Spellcaster. If your opponent does decide to destroy a monster, then you cannot activate these cards because the last thing to happen was not a monster being Summoned. So you have missed the timing. [Re: Magical Dimension] If you Summon a monster like 'Skilled Dark Magician' and the opponent activates 'Bottomless Trap Hole', you can chain 'Magical Dimension' to Tribute 'Skilled Dark Magician' and Special Summon another Spellcaster from your hand. This new monster will NOT be destroyed by 'Bottomless Trap Hole'. [Re: Maju Garzett] When you Tribute Summon 'Maju Garzett', your opponent can use 'Trap Hole' or 'Bottomless Trap Hole' if appropriate. [Re: My Body as a Shield] 'My Body as a Shield' will negate cards such as 'Dark Hole', 'Fissure', 'Raigeki', 'Eternal Rest', 'Nobleman of Crossout', 'Tribute to the Doomed', 'Thousand Knives', 'Trap Hole', 'Two-Pronged Attack', 'Mirror Force', 'House of Adhesive Tape', 'Eatgaboon', 'Ring of Destruction', 'Torrential Tribute', 'Bottomless Trap Hole', 'Man-Eater Bug', 'Blast Juggler', 'Dragon Seeker', 'Dream Clown', 'Throwstone Unit', 'Burst Breath', 'Swarm of Scarabs', 'Cyber Jar', 'Tribe-Infecting Virus', 'Raigeki Break', 'XYZ Dragon Cannon', 'Mega-Ton Magical Cannon', 'Exiled Force' (negates the effect but will not destroy 'Exiled Force' as it is already in the Graveyard), 'Offerings to the Doomed' (negates 'Offerings to the Doomed' so you do not skip your Draw Phase), 'Jowgen the Spiritualist' (when its effect is activated), 'Dragon's Gunfire' (if the effect that destroys a monster is selected), or 'The Last Warrior From Another Planet' (negates the effect and destroys 'The Last Warrior From Another Planet'). [Re: Prime Material Dragon] 'Prime Material Dragon's' second effect works like 'My Body as a Shield'. 'Prime Material Dragon' can negate cards such as 'Smashing Ground', 'Nobleman of Crossout', 'Shield Crush', 'T
Passcode: 29401950
Set: Structure Deck: Zombie World
Card Number: SDZW-EN034
Monster Type:
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Trap
Card Text: When your opponent Summons a monster(s) with 1500 or more ATK, destroy and remove from play the monster(s).
Card Type: Normal Trap
Name: Bottomless Trap Hole
Edition: 1st



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